We at Hazel Web Hosting Co. understand how complicated hosting can be and we make it our personal goal to make it as simple as possible and be there for you.  This page is to help you understand the process of setting up your hosting service for your web site with us.  The steps involved are as follows:

1. If you do not have your domain name registered then you need to do so.  You can do this by clicking on the link to "register a domain name" on our home page.  There is a single form you fill out and we then do all the paper work for you.  Presto...you then have your domain name.

2. If you already have a domain name then you will have to update the Domain Name Server numbers to point to our servers.  You can do this with the company you registered your domain name with.  Just contact them or go to your account or domain management with that company and there should be a place to update the "DNS" numbers. After the update is complete it takes about 24 hours to get in all the registry systems and start pointing to our servers. We email you our "DNS" numbers when you sign up.

3. Choose the hosting plan that best suits your needs.  If you don't know what you need then contact us.  We will ask you a few questions about your site and make a recommendation.  Remember, all of our hosting plans offer unlimited everything with the only difference between our plans being  space allowance and bandwidth which is a fancy word for traffic allowance.  If you are just starting out chances are that our "basic" hosting plan is all you need.  It will allow for a huge site with about 200 pages and give you enough traffic allowance for 12,000 page views per month.  You can always upgrade if the need arises.

4. Fill out the secure online form to sign up for your hosting service.  We will then email you your username and password to access your hosting account so you can start uploading to our servers.  You will also get instructions on accessing your control panel and a link to our online manual.  All this happens the same day that you sign up.

5. There are still many confusing things you will deal with and you will still have to work with the perils of site design and upload your site, however, we hope that it is good to know that you have someone in your court seeing to the hosting side of your web project.